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Roller Camshafts for Stock Length Valves - Chrysler, Dodge, DeSoto

Hemi CamshaftsIntermediate Gear

Hot Heads Research & Racing now has street hydraulic and solid roller cams for Chrysler that work with the stock length valves!
Hydraulic and solid roller lifters are available to match. We even have hydraulic and solid lifters for Dodge and DeSoto for those who have scored a vintage roller camshaft.
To make life even easier, we now have a coated iron intermediate gear for use with billet camshafts for street applications.
The Hemi life just keeps getting better!
Many Profiles Available!
P/N 22020H
392 Billet Hydraulic Roller Camshaft $ 460.00
P/N 22020S 392 Billet Solid Roller Camshaft $ 460.00
P/N 22030H 354/331 Billet Hydraulic Roller Camshaft $ 460.00
P/N 22030S 354/331 Billet Solid Roller Camshaft $ 460.00
P/N 21056 Hydraulic Roller Lifter set $ 630.72
P/N 21063 Solid Roller Lifter set $ 438.00

Joe Gibbs Performance Break-In Oil
Chrysler, Dodge, DeSoto

BR Break In Oil

Product Features:

* Used by Joe Gibbs Racing to break-in and dyno all their engines
* Petroleum oil provides the highest levels of zinc and phosphorus for flat-tappet engines.
* Additive package promotes ring seal and provides maximum protection available for cams and lifters during initial break-in.
* Requires no additional additives.
* Good for full power pulls on the dyno, one night of racing or up to 400 miles on the street.
* Provides maximum compression and generates maximum horsepower.
* Compatible with methanol and high-octane race fuels.


* Specifically designed for breaking in engines and flat tappet camshafts and lifters
* Combined with Joe Gibbs Driven Engine Assembly Grease, BR provides the highest levels of protection for camshafts, lifters, wrist pins, distributor gears, push rods and valve retainers.
* BR is fully formulated and requires no EOS or other additives.
* BR should be pre-heated to 180F before firing the engine for maximum protection.
* Because it is a 15W-50, BR can be used for up to 2 hours of break-in/dyno time before changing to race oil.

P/N 21899 BR Break-In Oil $ 10.00

Cast Aluminum Finned Valley Cover - DeSoto

DeSoto Valley Cover
Click photo to enlarge.

Hot Heads classic finned aluminum valley cover includes a threaded 'O' ringed oil filler cap and flat areas for installation of our Jr. Breathers #80516P or a PCV barb fitting. Stainless Steel hardware is included and it's available satin finish or polished.
P/N 21008 Cast Alum. Valley Cover - Satin $ 110.00
P/N 21008P Cast Alum. Valley Cover - Polished $ 130.00

Hot Revised Price 1 x 4 Dual Plane Intakes
276/291 DeSoto

1x4 DeSoto Intake Manifold
1x4 DeSoto Intake Manifold
Hemi Generator Mount
P/N 50055 above
Click photos to enlarge.
P/N 50072 below
DeSoto Intake Manifold

276/291 DeSoto dual plane, single 4 Bbl., cast aluminum intake manifolds.

Designed to accept late Holley/Edelbrock carbs. and includes integral (Chevy pattern) thermostat mount.

Ports are matched to the 330, 341, 345 heads and the exhaust crossover has been eliminated.

These intakes are tapped for temp senders, heater control valve, manifold vacuum, thermostat bypass and even has provisions to purge air from the cooling system.

These "High Rise" manifolds stand about 1 1/2" taller than the original cast iron manifolds. Manifold includes stainless steel hardware.

The DeSoto 1x4 aluminum intakes #50055 and #50072 are cleanly designed to eliminate unnecessary bosses and bracketry.

For those who prefer to run a generator, Use Generator Mount #50054 (second from bottom photo at left).

P/N 50055 DeSoto 1x4 Dual Plane Intake $ 495.
P/N 50072 DeSoto 1x4 Dual Plane Intake $ 495.
P/N 50054 Generator Mount for P/N 50055 $ NA


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