Single Plane Intake

HOT HEADS Tunnel Ram/Single Plane Manifold
331/354/392 Chrysler (1951-1958)
New & Improved, Hot Heads Single Plane Intake Manifold
This Manifold Currently Holds The Nostalgia A Fuel MPH and ET

 Hemi Intake Manifold
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Working with Gene Adams Performance, Hot Heads' single plane intake manifold now has no center rib in the carb. plate area to disrupt flow on single 4 bbl. and 3x2 carb. installations. Bosses have been enlarged to accept either constant flow or EFI injectors. Additional enlarged injector bosses have been added under the manifold to facilitate concealing injectors and fuel rails. The original 16 mounting bolts have been replaced with 4 bolts on each side to facilitate quick removal between rounds and the substantial mounting flange has been redesigned to cover the heat riser ports in truck heads. We designed the carb. plate bolt pattern to be the same as a blower carb. adapter, allowing any carb. plate available for blowers to be used on this intake (single 4 bbl., 2x4 bbl., 3x2's, bug catcher, etc.). The short runner/small plenum design allows the engine to produce more power at the lower end of the manifolds 2,800 to 7,800 RPM range. The height of the manifold from the bottom of the port to carb plate surface is 5.2 and weight is 16 lb. Stainless Steel fasteners and plugs are included. This manifold has a proven record of making horsepower and is now even more street friendly. Carb. Adapter plates are sold separately.

P/N 50060 HOT HEADS Single Plane Manifold - Satin Finish $ 550.00

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